Inbox Blueprint Review – Email List Building 2.0?

Are you doing email marketing? If you’re not, you have to see this review of Inbox Blueprint 2.o and if you are, then you definitely have to see it. For example one of Anik’s technique increased my commissions by 20%

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Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

inbox blueprintWhat is it? How does it work? And most importantly will you make money with it?

I had those three exact questions when I first learned about Inbox Blueprint. In this review I’ll answer all of them but let’s start with the last one.

How much can you earn with Inbox blueprint?

Let me show you what I was able to earn using the exact methods found in Anik’s blueprint. If you follow the course your results can be just as good or even better. As long as you put your heart and mind to it, you can do it.

Here are some screenshots of what I’m earning on daily basis with just one network

inbox blueprint proof


If you would like to have similar results Inbox Blueprint can get you there fast.

But What Is It And How Does It Work?

build your list

In a nutshell, the IB by Anik is a complete and easy to comprehend list building and email marketing course. Notice that I said both listing building and email marketing, because you really need two of those together to make money online.

Most courses out there teach you either how to build your list without telling you how actually maintain it and make long term profits with it, or use email marketing on an existing list. Which is really confusing for someone who is just starting out.

The goal with Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is a to build a list of subscribers that are responsive and want to see what you are promoting. This way you make the most commissions while actually helping people find exactly what they are looking for.

But Does Squeeze Pages Actually Work?

You bet ya, there is a good chance that you found this page after receiving an email about inbox blueprint. Notice how this is a proof in itself that list building works.

Overview of Inbox Blueprint go

Now that we know what is possible and achievable with the blueprint let’s get to the actual overview of the course. Which is broken down into 8 modules:

  1. Addiction Meter – Proper and long term niche research
  2. The Bait – Creating value to capture leads
  3. The TYP Method –the thank you page instant commissions method
  4. Email Machine – increase open-rate, click-rate and most importantly engagement.
  5. Emails and List Relationship – learn pro ways to manage emails and your list
  6. Payday Secrets – Anik handpicked offers and how to promote them
  7. Easy Traffic – free and paid traffic sources
  8. Unlimited Success – taking it to the next level

Each of the steps is than broken down into sub-modules to give you a well structured and balanced learning program. I think this works great because it allows you to take it as fast or as slow as you like while still seeing good amount of progress.

Each steps has either text or video instruction and many have both to complement each other. This is much better than just videos or text as not all information is presented the same way. For example video serve better for actual examples or explanation, while important tips and strategy tricks are better understood through text and can be reread on the fly.

This might seem like a big course, and it is, but once you start going through the steps it really goes by quick. I guess this is mostly duo to Anik’s unique ability to present the information in both entertaining and educational way. I hated school, but this was actually fun.

However, if you just want 90% of done it for you than you will love the new:

Inbox Blueprint Launch Pad

inbox blueprint launch pad 6

Now you can have a whole campaign done for you in 5 easy step:

  1. Configuration – Here you pick a niche and name your page
  2. Email Campaign – Fill out information about the campaign
  3. Affiliate Offer – Pick an affiliate offer to promote
  4. Free Report – Create a free report to give away using the launchpad
  5. Funnel Design – Create opt-in page and funnel.


inbox blueprint bonusHow awesome is it? REALLY AWESOME!

But on a serious note, I really put a lot of thought into this bonus on how I can help anyone to attain their goal with the in box blueprint as fast as possible.

That’s why I’m offering 2 part bonus

  1. You will receive my personal Skype as well as Email. this way if you need any help or have questions (and there are no bad questions) we could chat.
  2. I’ll actually create opt-in page for you. After realizing that most newcomers I thought that this would be an awesome bonus as well

This is why Inbox Blueprint plus my bonuses almost guarantees you will make money unless (you flat out don’t do anything). Now all you have to do is grab it and come back to get the bonus. So what are you waiting for?

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